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Back in 1991, Marc Quinn started one of the most bizarre art projects in history – making detailed self-portraits from his own frozen blood. He has been making a new one every five year or so, since then. Marc Quinn created his “Self ” series as a means of recording the changes of his face throughout the years. For each of his four frozen portraits, Quinn used between four and five liters of his own blood, extracted over a period of five months. After creating a detailed mold of his face, he froze the blood to create his creepy portraits. They are maintained in refrigeration units at a constant temperature of -15 degrees Celsius, to prevent them from melting. The latest “Self” sculpture is hosted alongside other famous portraits, at the National Portrait Gallery, in England, while others have been bought by foreign galleries or private collectors.

Above: Self 1991, Self 1996, Self 2001, Self 2006

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